Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dream: no interpretation required

Last Thursday night after Barack Obama's stunning acceptance speech I dreamed that Obama was my doctor. Seriously. And that he fixed everything, a real problem-solver. When I relayed the dream the next morning to my husband, the son of two Freudian psychiatrists (as you Knit Fix fans know from the introduction) said, "Some dreams just don't require interpreting."
So true. Besides, Obama looked great in scrubs.

Back to knitting. Just finished the new Matinee Shrug pattern from Two Old Bags in the new Rowan Colourscapes yarn, the stuff designed by Kaafe Fassett. I began it on a Saturday afternoon and finished while Obama spoke. I made a few alterations in the sleeve directions to allow for the heavier yarn, but otherwise it worked, it worked. Here's friend Pat modeling (it was over 90 degrees out today, so the fact that she's smiling shows what a trouper she is):

This is one comfy shrug, let me tell you. I've got another one two-thirds made -- back and one sleeve knitted -- out of some Noro Silk Garden from my stash. I'm not quite sure why this is an addictive pattern, but sometimes you just have to run with it. Oh, and Betsy says she'll be offering a class at the Winter Retreat (see www.basketsofyarn.com) on this shrug, taught by moi.

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Anonymous said...

That shrug is beautiful! I need to add it to the ton of projects that I want to make :-)